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The visitors are cautioned to read all the terms and conditions under which they can access the 9TV Infotainment Portals. Only visitors agreeing for these terms may access the site for accessing infotainment content or for availing any of the free or paid services offered by the site and/or its partners/ affiliates/ advertisers/ franchisees/ agents/ agencies etc.


This is a legal agreement ("Agreement") between the visitor/Subscriber and 9TV , hereinafter referred to as UEPL, the owner and operator of the mobile app and website: www.shwofactz.com and/or such other web site that may be periodically linked either to this web address or to the home page of 9TV portal, hereinafter referred jointly and severally as the site.

Access to the site cannot be had unless and until these terms and conditions are read and consented to.

1. Use and access :

a. This site is primarily intended to disseminate news, views and opinions and current affairs.

b. The services offered by the site and/or its partners/ affiliates/ advertisers/ franchisees/ agents/ agencies etc. may be accessed and/or used generally by any intending party, irrespective of region, religion, language, caste, creed, community, race, location, etc. but subject to the terms and conditions of this agreement.

c. The visitors/ users/ Subscribers must be majors and should be capable of contracting as per law of the land, where they access the portals.

d. They must also submit and subject themselves to the laws of India and to the jurisdiction of law courts at Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India, for resolution of any dispute arising out of any eventuality related and/or attributable to the information posted in the site or URLs linked to this site.

e. The users / subscribers shall agree for all such modifications, alterations, deletions, additions to the content or material or lay-out or get-up or colour scheme or features or advertisements that may be made to the site at the discretion of UEPL.

2. Subscribtion

User will be able to view all the content in app, completely free for the period of three months from the date of registration in app. Log in is permissible only through the registered mobile number with one time password generated at the time of registration .The user will be able to view all content including the premium paid content of the app . This free access to complete content ends with the limitation of 90 days and from 91st day onwards, he or she can view only the content marked as free and he is prompted to subscribe for either of below stated subscription packs.

NEWS PACK: In this plan ,the user can opt for monthly, quarterly, half yearly and yearly plan. User has to subscribe to a plan where he will be allowed to have access to the News in detail plus the free available content.

User will be navigated to subscription on below actions mentioned in the app :

From Profile Menu, user can navigate to subscription page.

If user clicks on any premium content before he or she subscribes the app, Subscription option will be prompted.

If user clicks on watch offline then user will be navigated to Subscription page. Once the subscription ends, users offline videos will be deleted after 2 days.

Device based subscription : Individual subscriber can have simultaneous log in – in three multiple devices for viewing any of the above stated Subscription packs ; While having logged in at three devices, if user tries to sign in simultaneously with same log in id at fourth device, the device will forcefully logout the user from first device. Session id will be used to identify the number of devices currently in use.

Subscription Flow for first time : When the user purchases subscription, he will be directed to Billdesk payment gateway. Billdesk handles all checkout details. Once the user subscribes to any product within the trial period, his subscription begins immediately but he won’t be billed until the free trial period of three months is over. After free trial period expires, user will be charged for the purchased product. It is handled from the Server end.

User can renew subscription at any time using “Extend Subscription” option in subscription detail page. Tapping “Extend Subscription” will allow user to buy new product, which will extend the current subscription plan. For example, if the user has subscribed for monthly plan from 17th Apr to 16th May. Now if the user renews his subscription for quarterly plan, his subscription will extend to 18th August.

After subscribing to the product, details of currently chosen plan, next billing date and expiry date would be displayed in subscription detail page.

Renewal flow :

a. In Android, user will have subscription, which is automatically renewed. Subscription will elapse after subscription period ends and user will have to buy a new subscription.

b. The user will be notified of the subscription expiry in home screen on app launch, before “n” number of days from the expiry date. Notification will be provided with OK and Cancel buttons. Tapping OK will redirect the user to subscription page from where he can purchase the product, tapping on Cancel will skip the notification and redirect the user back to home screen. Here ‘n’ value is provided from CMS end and it is configurable.

Once subscription period expires, “You are not subscribed” is shown with blank chosen plan, billing date and expiry date will be displayed. And users have to purchase a new product from subscription detail page.

c. After expiry date, tapping on premium content will display notification to purchase the subscription product.

d. The subscriber shall not alter or delete any material that is displayed on the portal nor shall the subscriber do or caused to be done anything that may damage the material posted on the portal or that may jeopardize any system or device attached or connected to the portal or the server of Ushodaya Enterprises Private Limited .

e. The subscriber who does or cause to be done any objectionable/illegal act shall render himself/herself liable for all legal consequences thereto and shall also be liable to indemnify UEPL against any costs and consequences arising out of such objectionable / illegal acts of the subscriber to third parties.

3. Profile:

a. A profile of a subscriber is created by filling up the application online.

b. Subscriber may upload his/her photograph or a video clipping, subject to technical feasibility.

3. Uploading / Posting of Material:

a. Only the absolute owners of photos, data, profiles or any other text or video material can upload the same to the site. Others cannot upload or submit material for display on the site

b. The person uploading/submitting material to the site is presumed to be the owner of such material and that such owner has placed/uploaded/submitted/made available under an assurance and undertaking and warranty that he/she is the owner of the material placed/ uploaded/ submitted/made available and with a further irrevocable right/authorization in favour of UEPL to display the material on the site without any obligation whatsoever on the part of UEPL or on such other persons authorised by UEPL either expressly or impliedly, to pay any remuneration, royalty, license fee etc. and such right/ authorization shall be without any territorial and time restrictions.

c. It shall be the ultimate responsibility and liability of the subscriber for anything that is posted or uploaded on the portal with his/her user id. UEPL shall be obliged under law to furnish the information to the concerned authorities, relating to any subscriber under whose user id any objectionable content is posted on the website or if any objectionable act is committed using the user id of a subscriber.

d. The subscriber shall not post any defamatory, offensive, excessive, exaggerated, false, malafide, inaccurate, erroneous, blasphemous, obscene, profane, pirated, offensive, salacious, ghastly, indecent, racial or illegal material on the site.

e. The visitors or subscriber shall not send abusive, threatening, coercive, harassing, indecent, obscene mails

f. No advertisement can be made on the site of any product or service or no offer of any sale of goods or services can be made without the prior consent of UEPL.

g. The Subscribers shall not submit or upload any material, which impinges upon or infringes the intellectual property rights of third parties. There shall be an implied assurance and undertaking from the Subscribers about the ownership, genuineness and originality of all the information, photographs profiles or other material submitted and/or uploaded on the site.

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